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Top 10: Reasons to Attend Pacific Dental (UoP Dental)

Pacific's Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry (UoP) conducts annual student surveys. AdComs reports those findings, and here is why students like Pacific! Now please note that this list is actually released by this school. I will relay this list to you as well, however note that I don't agree with these reasons in such order. I would place emphasis on the 3-year cirriculum as a major interest generator for this dental school. Students look at this school and see a place at which they can finish a year earlier and still end up with a degree that's just the same as you would get from a 4-year school. That being said, let's go for it - the Top 10 reasons to choose Pacific for dental school.

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry (according to the school [see original source])

1. Clinical strength and emphasis on practice management
Most freshmen acknowledge an early clinical experience is integral to their choice.

2. Advanced simulation laboratory
Students enjoy the access to the facilities available to them. Described as state-of-the-art, Pacific's new simulation lab is an excellent addition to a top-tier dental school in this nation. Students also comment about the attractive environment at this school.

3. Friendly atmosphere
Faculty treat students as respected individuals starting from day one. This school claims to place emphasis on the development of self-confidence and self-esteem. I personally feel that this reason arises not as a reason to choose this school, however as an indicator that students are treated fairly (as they are at most dental schools).

4. Three-year cirriculum
"Cram session," describes it. Four academic years of instruction in three calendar years appeals to many applicants. Everyone wants to transgress the school phase quickly. My opinion on this is that this is by far the primary reason people choose to apply to this school. Other reasons include obviously if you are a local, but out-of-state students look at this as a place that they could 'skip' an extra year of stress and just finish earlier.

5. Quality of staff
The school claims to have faculty available to students with an added focus on quality. This is an excellent reason as some schools may not have a supportive atmosphere, however, note that in my opinion, many schools have a reasonably appropriate atmosphere for students. A rare professor here or there may not click with you at most schools.

6. Simulation Lab
I know, this already appeared at "Top 10 Reason #2." The school's report is uhhh.... repeating itself.

7. Reputation of Pacific for producing excellent clinicians
This is perhaps an ego-centric claim on the school's part. I feel that even if students surveyed responded in such a manner, that their opinions are potentially misguided with a haze of school pride. Students reported that many groups of contacts recommended attending Pacific.

8. "Pacific family"
Again a repeated reason which is simply a rehash of "Top 10 Reason #3." Students enjoy the interaction with Pacific alumni and staff.

9. Curriculum
Ok, not because it's a three year program... no, this is a completely new reason. Students like the mix of basic and clinical sciences. They prefer the clinical experience which starts early on in their program.

10. Location
San Francisco is a major city in the United States. It's in a good area too! California obviously has great weather and a great lifestyle! San Francisco itself is renowned for its tourism. Studying in San Francisco would certainly add character to an already remarkable school experience.

So that's it. I still think that the three-year thing makes this school one of the best dental schools in the United States.


  1. So as for the faculty treatment comment- respect from instructor to student is not a common occurrence in dental schools- check out a few and you will see this.
    Friendly atmosphere and family environment are probably considered different because the atmosphere is obviously that, an atmosphere supplied by fellow students and faculty. The family includes alumni, which pacific notably has the strongest support of any dental school, with the largest endowments of any dental school- must be because people are well treated.
    Anyway, I'm sure there are other good schools, but this is definitely a top tier school

  2. My experience at Pacific was phenomenal. From the first day of class, students are treated professionally. Art Dugoni told us that Gallup polls confirmed that we had picked the best profession. He went on to tell us that state board exam results and the school's endowment confirmed that we picked the best dental school. He told us that, unlike some other California dental schools (like USC), everyone would be taking the board exam at the classes graduation. Furthermore, Art stressed that if you gave the effort, you would complete the program and be a top clinician. Finally, he said that while you were only a student for three years, you were an alumnus for life, and for that reason, they wanted to treat you special. I have never heard similar comments from a graduate of any other US dental school. The faculty understand the stresses of the program and do everything to help out. I would highly recommend the program and don't worry too much about the cost as you will earn any difference your first year out while others are still school!

  3. That's interesting. Only three years? What's the average GPA, DAT, and Board exams for students at this school?

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